I’m Elaine. I’m Bionic. I choose Joy & Life.

Hello there and welcome.

Airport security takes on a whole new meaning when big chunks of metal are part of your body. I’ve lost track of the number of surgeries I’ve had.

I made an important choice: I can be a victim of pain and adversity or I can overcome it. I choose joy. I play the ‘Glad Game’ every day. I choose ‘Life’ and I have a very dear departed friend to thank for this gift.

Andrea gave me an amazing gift. Andrea left me the gift of hindsight in the face of desperation. I lived the pain, the recriminations, the hurt, and the sorrow, of losing her. Andrea was almost 16 when she took her own life. I am one of those left behind.

It took 37 years for me to understand the full impact of this gift. For me to consider it a gift.  I know that suicide is not the answer. No matter the pain, no matter the hurt, no matter any of it.  Now, 40 years after my life altering accident, I know that the gift Andrea bestowed on me, allowed me to ‘call on courage’, as my friend Kathie Donovan says in her book “Unconform: Harnessing the Radical Power of Courage.”

I share the laughter, the joy, the wisdom, the silly, the funny, the triumphs: I learn from my mistakes, my pain, my sorrow. my heartaches. I work hard not to dwell on the ‘not great’.  I aim to improve 1% daily.

I aim to help you seize the joy in your life, no matter the circumstance. in 2004, I was introduced to a force of nature. Her name is Patricia Wall and she is “The Holistic Missile’ given the moniker by my son, Ryan, who watched me change, watched me enjoy more of life, using the tools and meditations Patricia taught.

I’m an Int’l Inspirational Speaker who wants to meet and greet everyone… I want to share the gift I was given… I want you to choose life.

Please join me on this journey… It ain’t always easy or pretty and sometimes it’s a really close call… and each and every day I choose Life… I want that for you too.