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Kinda Bionic

I have a titanium humerus in my right arm; a spiffy titanium and metal half-joint in my left leg, a re-built rotator cuff on the left, a variety of screws and a 4 inch nail.  You’d think that would give me super-strength or the ability to open jars.  When ICU and motorized beds became more familiar than my sofa I had a choice: bemoan the loss of a large portion of my left leg, be crushed and broken like my legs and innards after the car accidents and botched surgery or face life head-on and on purpose. I chose joy.

Jars are like Fort Knox.  Bionic bits should be powerful, right? The tall buildings I leap are adversity.  I can walk. (no prizes for speed) I can even climb stairs slowly and kinda awkward.  I play a game with my life every day: the Glad Game.  I had a lot of time with starched sheets to teach myself skills, and moments between challenges to launch those skills in new businesses and exciting adventures.

Your life is full of challenges.  Sometimes it feels like life is knocking you down and the count is happening too fast to pull yourself up again.  You can get up.  You can overcome.  You have a choice too.  I’ll tell you all about it!

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Hi I'm Elaine
Airport security takes on a whole new meaning when big chunks of metal are part of your body. I've lost track of the number of surgeries I've had. I made an important choice: I could be a victim of pain and adversity or I could overcome it. I choose joy. I play the Glad Game every day. I share the wisdom of my choices and my Grans advice to help you seize joy every day.

Brenda Smith-Lunam

Brenda Smith-Lunam

Hi Elaine:
I just listened to your entire presentation about what you have been through. You are one special lady! I believe that it was on youtube via a site called W3. So glad that you shared. Never, never, never give up! The account was such a blessing to those who heard it and to me who participated via Facebook. Thank you.