I’m Elaine Lindsay, I’m Bionic.

I am living an attitude of gratitude:

I choose JOY. I practice mindfulness.  I aim to be 1% better every day. Everyday is a fresh start so Play full-out!

Airport security takes on a whole new meaning when chunks of you are metal

I’ve lost track of the number of surgeries

I made an important choice:
I could be a victim of pain and adversity or I could choose to overcome it.

I chose JOY.

My road has neither been easy nor smooth,
conquering the rough patches, is what has molded me
into the strong capable woman I am today.

I play the Glad Game every day

I share the wise choices, the funny bits, and the lessons learned.

My Hope:

To inspire you: be ready to seize joy: No matter what…

Sharing my stories, some sage advice and some seriously funny bits!

Everyday, in every way:

Aim to improve 1%


Here’s what I know…

When you ‘Live Mindfully’

Everyday is a new adventure.
Everything holds a sense of wonder.
Everyone has a story…

Play Full Out Every Day

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.~ Aristotle