5 Lessons I learned from 2014

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5 Lessons I learned from 2014

2014 was a hard year, rife with personal and health challenges. Now it’s time to allow those lessons to fuel my excitement and anticipation for the New Year.


1. Making Lemonade

My life has included a lot of time in beds with push-button controls, and not the vibrating kind. I can bemoan my hospital stays and scar tissue or I can count my blessings. I can make a long list of hardships, or I can make a long list of blessings: which list is going to make my day better? You guessed it!

When I start to feel down I have a choice: I can indulge in the negative and let drama dictate my life or I can deliberately pick myself up. Instead of the Sad Game I play the Glad Game.

2014 gave me lots of opportunities to practice choosing how I live my life. The extra gift I bring to 2015 is muscle! The more I practice my Glad Game, the more certain I am that choosing happiness makes life better (even in the face of challenges) and the more confident I am that I can pull up my socks and smile.

2. Systems Simplify your Life

A great gift that comes with the Glad Game is the ability to help myself. After all, when I’m fielding curve balls it helps to have fall backs and support. 2014 was a year of putting systems in place to simplify my life. When fielding the curve balls sometimes felt like dancing to banjos playing devil songs, I was really glad I had those systems in place. Check-list-part-system-elaine-lindsayWhether it’s as small as a grocery list or as big as Contact Management Software, systems allow you to do more with more ease.
I’ve always been a hard worker, but I know the value of working smart. In 2014 my investment in creating systems for my life, my work and my business paid off, and I profited when I needed it. The extra gift I bring to 2015 is a commitment to ongoing systems development to provide more than a support for challenging times. Now I’m committed to building a platform of systems to allow me to do more, launch more and be more with greater ease.

Look out, 2015, the gimp is dancing.

3. Focus Like a Sniper

Focus-like-sniper-clarify-elaine-lindsayOkay, I admit it, I get distracted. I’m curious and I like to learn new things. Every new person and business I work with is an adventure of discovery. I meet fascinating people!

To be honest, I thought I’d learned the lesson of focus. I listened to great minds like Tony Robbins, Roger James Hamilton, Lisa Nichols and developed my ability to focus on specific goals. 2014 gave me a new gift in a whole new aspect of focus, which was focusing my talents and gifts on what I’m good at. That means delegating: Allowing someone else to do the things that don’t require my skills and creativity.

4. Strong Foundations Without Spanksno-spanx-makes-difference-elaine-lindsay-2015

The problem with being competent is that it’s easy to take stuff on. Some days it feels easier to do it myself than to bring someone up to speed to do it for me. I know exactly what I want. Why would I ask for help, or advice, when I can do it myself?

Fortunately I have some excellent coaches in my life. They know exactly when to smack remind me that I can’t do everything myself… well, I can if I want to be busy doing everything all day long. Some days I need to be reminded that doing things because I can doesn’t leave much room for being me.

Building systems is a great lesson in delegation. My wonderful coaches are brilliant at specifying my best use of my time and resources. With profound gratitude I bring new gifts of wisdom into 2015, giving me the fulfillment and joy of expressing my talents and gifts.

5. And the most important lesson I bring to 2015: Refusing Fear

When something in your life seems to go south, fear is a natural reaction. It’s really easy to be swamped by fear, lose perspective, and feel overwhelmed and miserable. I have worked hard to develop the skills to have the personal power of choice, and I choose to overrule fear.
When fear flares it makes more fear, crushing creativity and consuming resources, blocking abundance and joy – why would I let fear rule? It takes hard work to build the skills to overcome fear and the muscle to enforce my choice to live from love instead of fear.

2014 tested my tools, my skills and my muscles for living from love instead of fear. Every time I staggered, faltered or went under it was a grim reminder of the cost of fear and a huge validation of all the personal work I’ve done to have a choice. Love-bat-home-run-elaine-lindsay-2015-out-the-parkThe best gift I bring to 2015 is my certainty that I have made the right choice. No matter what life throws at me, I choose the Glad Game. No matter what life throws at me I choose Love. When life pitches you curve balls and your bat is made of Love you can knock the negative right out of the park, and that makes it easy to win at life!

Welcome 2015

It’s going to be a great year!
I wish amazing things for you. I choose amazing things for me.
I’m ready to knock it out of the park. Do you want to play?