Elaine Lindsay – I’m Bionic

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

To offer some hope, to elevate your day, to make you smile. To show you something new, a useful tip, a new perspective… 

I’m Elaine Lindsay, Int’l Speaker, Trainer, Certified Social Media,Relationship & Content Marketing Consultant. I aim to improve 1% daily ♥  And I’m Bionic!

♛Speaker ★ Trainer ★ Certified Social Media,Relationship & Content Marketing Consultant ★ ✔ Helping You Master Online Video, Social Media, and Search Optimization.★ Be found in Search. #Page 1 ★ The Money is in Your Ranking: Outrank Your Competition ★ Early adopter who can be Found @ the corner of Search & Social!

My Unique Qualities

I am the eternal ‘PollyAnna’. I play the Glad game every day.
I am passionate about social business strategy, training, and integration with search optimization,

I have keen insight into all things search & social for your marketing needs both on and offline. I know what works for your image, your messaging and your audience.

Social ‘Best Practices’ are key to me. I am a Google+ evangelist.

I Would Like you to Know

I host the Business Banter Plus TV Show

I want to know what drives passionate people to have large lives. I want to know why they excel, why they achieve, and why they care. I like to laugh with people and learn about them. On my show, my amazing guests share their passion, their whys, and their golden nuggets, as insights for you to apply to your business and your life.

I love meeting new people and making new friends… Is there someone you know with an incredible story?

I am the second most curious person on the planet.(the 1st is of course in Texas!)

Who can benefit most

Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors, and Speakers looking to harness the online world with your social media and web presence.
I was the host #WSASpeakerSpots for the Women Speakers Association

On the business side, I speak about social media small business training, and social media and search optimization and integration.
On the personal side, I speak about ‘Living in Joy’, ‘Overcoming Adversity’, ‘Keep on Keepin’ On’ and ‘Perseverance, chronic pain, and Wallow Therapy©’.

Find me @ the corner of Search & Social!

I  always aim to help others:

My goal is to inspire people, when I speak publicly when I train when I host my show. You too, can live your passion!

I support JDRF and Susan & Jack Holender Children’s Fund.

I am an advocate for animals.

Find me @ the corner of Search & Social!

In my capacity online, I enjoy wonderful opportunities to help others. I love to use video chats. They provide great resources for building connections, marketing messages, customer service, prospect outreach and more!

I’ve led a pretty interesting life, with a thrilling roller coaster worth of ups and downs and loop de loops. Through it all I strive to remain positive. I choose Joy!

My philosophy is to always look for the ‘good’ in everything. To play the “glad game” just like that eternal optimist Pollyanna, and always find something to be “Glad” about no matter the circumstances.

Remember to take pleasure from all the little things: children and grandchildren’s smiles, fur-kids, spotting a hummingbird or a deer, the sight of the first tulip in the spring, enjoying the antics of squirrels in the yard;curled up with a good book. These are just a few of the things that warm my heart and can warm yours.

I want to share my attitude with the world. 

I believe that in business as in life, YOU are 100% responsible for your part in any interaction.

I believe ‘Customer Service Excellence‘ is key to building a great business with high customer retention and avid brand advocates..… Are You ready to make your choice? I choose Joy!  READ MORE…