Elaine Lindsay the cliff notes


Historical Info:

My road has neither been easy nor smooth, conquering the rough patches is what has molded me into the strong capable woman I am today.

In a motor vehicle accident in 1976, I was crushed between three cars. I lost part of my leg, had numerous fractures, and consequently, I have had to endure major surgeries, skin grafts,and multiple corrective surgeries for years. I have no knee caps, a titanium humerus rod, multiple screws, a 4 inch nail and various and sundry other non-factory bits…

In 1983, I went in to hospital for surgery: It was to be a  stay of 6 days and then back on my feet in 3 weeks.

Those 3 weeks stretched into months and months, then years of pain, frustration and a fair amount of despair,
to chronic digestive issues, chronic illnesses and chronic pain.

The surgery was badly botched and those 3 weeks turned into a nightmare. I spent months in hospital, feeding through a tube in my left side for 13 and a half months, multiple blood transfusions, and even more surgeries.

During one surgery, a thoracic surgeon diverted my esophagus out my neck, leaving me with  a hole  in my neck. I lay in intensive care with an abdominal incision that was left open, hooked up to many machines, with multiple tubes coming out of me everywhere, while the saliva that leaked from the hole in my neck, ate through my skin like battery acid and left sores down my neck and chest. Approximately, 18 days later a nurse sent for a stoma therapist who fashioned a colostomy bag set-up to attach to the hole. Leaking saliva still caused sores but they were much smaller and less painful. The hole in my neck was finally closed six months later,leaving a sort of pouching inside; the scar tissue from the unusual procedure made it necessary to have my throat dilated every couple of months and causes problems still.

I was diagnosed with hepatitis ‘c’ in 1996*, fibromyalgia in 2000, osteoporosis in 2001 and diabetes in 2003.

Addendum: WOW as of  June 2016, I am free of the Hepatitis C.  All the meditation, alternative therapy and my stubborn will combined to clear me.  There is still damage in my liver, I have cirrhosis, yet I am stoked to see where I can take this healing journey, as i work to improve me every day.  I collapsed in July 2016 and it may have been the best thing that could have happened. We found out I have mitral valve stenosis, and that too is something to add to the list of things Im working to fix.

In 2004 a good friend suggested I go for an appointment with Patricia Wall, who is a Self-Mastery expert who teaches with tools you can use to deal with your … conscious, subconscious and limbic systems. Over the next 7 years, I built a complete virtual toolbox for self-mastery.  I utilize a plethora of these valuable and constructive meditations, techniques and tools to assist me to live my ‘Best Life’ always striving to be ‘In the Moment‘. I’m told this is mindful living.

If  When life throws a challenge, I’m reminded that I have the tools and the choice to master me and my life. You have the choice -You get to choose it all.  Pick yourself up and get back on track. Remember to congratulate yourself for  victories so that you make the most of each moment. The more you do this, the better life gets, and it gets better every day.

I am the eternal PollyAnna. I play the ‘Glad Game’ always open to the wonder that is life. And I aim to improve 1% every day!

Choose Joy. I  do and you can too!



In business, as in life, you have to manage it all beginning with you: from within.  Taking your business to the next step; which to me means treating your customer as you would like to be treated: Striving for customer service excellence every moment.

This is why I speak & consult, both for business  & life.  I am a pillar of support; a voice of semi-reason; a reminder to make every moment matter.

When you work with me, I can help You:

  • Provide customer service excellence for your current customers and your prospects,
  • Gain visibility so you are first in mind when prospects are looking for your particular expertise, 
  • Increase your following and your traffic so you feel secure as your bank balance rises steadily for your business. 

I’m Elaine Lindsay, a Certified Social Media Speaker, Consultant, Trainer & Relationship Marketing Professional, My specialty is as a Search, Social Media and Video Integration Expert, LinkedIn Expert, and Digital Strategic Advisor.

My goal is to inspire you, when I speak publicly, when I train, when I host #BBPTV.

You can live your passion!  I choose JOY and would love to share the gift I was given with you.

Find me @ the corner of Search & Social!