Monday Musings

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I want to share a fabulous site that is rich with phenomenal articles, an eclectic mix of authors and its being driven by  #awesomesauce men I am honoured to call friends.. Mark Babbitt, +Shawn Murphy Do have a look Switch and Shift and be sure to circle them.Click To TweetDo have a look Switch and Shift and be sure to circle them. This is an interview from 2013. It includes +Ted Coiné who is now with...

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How to get your Press Release Noticed? What to do if you don’t know how to write one

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How to get your Press Release Noticed? by Elaine Lindsay What to do if you don’t know how to write one. Here a few copy-writing resources and timely ideas, culled from many sources, to help write a good press release and get you and your company noticed. A press release will always benefit from empathy and timeliness. Always be sure that you are presenting your company/yourself honestly. TROOL-Y the only way to do business. Tie-In to Current Events – Any time you can...

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Lisa Nichols in my experience

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Lisa Nichols♦ In my experience♦ Elaine Lindsay Interviewed by Judy Croon Judy: Elaine, you come back from this great conference in Dallas and you are completely blown away by one speaker in particular. Please tell me who this person was! Elaine: Lisa Nichols. Most people know her from the secret. She was one of a group of people that was in the book The Secret and the DVD ‘The Secret’. She is the one person that people seem to remember. She is the one that really touched...

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LinkedIn Requests|Timely Tip

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LinkedIn Requests ♦ Timely Tip Not wanting to make this a rant.. (You all know it will be with this as a intro line..LOL) There are unspoken protocols in social, particularly  LinkedIn, which is the most business oriented social site out there.  One of these protocols is the way that  you make a connect request. System messages in LinkedIn ‘ I’d like to add you to my professional network. -requester’s name’and the message ‘Since you are a...

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Customer Service Excellence begins with YOU

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Customer Service Excellence My philosophy is to always look for the ‘good bits’ in everything. To play the “glad game” just like that eternal optimist Pollyanna, and always find something to be “Glad” about no matter what circumstances arise. To that end I have always championed Customer Service Excellence. I am always open to the wonder that is life. I want to share my attitude with the world. In business, as in life, you have to manage it all starting from within....

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)with Google+: Are you losing SEO by making these 3 mistakes? Capture all the SEO you can!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)with Google+:  Are you losing SEO by making these 3 mistakes? Capture all the SEO you can! Search Engine Optimization, commonly called SEO, is not rocket science.  It can, however, seem like a foreign language!  Together with social it affords you much more visibility. I can help translate it for you and offer some tips for how to capture your full share. Let’s use the analogy of the ‘Juice jug & cups’. Think of SEO as the jug and your...

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