How to get your Press Release Noticed? What to do if you don’t know how to write one

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How to get your Press Release Noticed?

by Elaine Lindsay

What to do if you don’t know how to write one.

Here a few copy-writing resources and timely ideas, culled from many sources, to help write a good press release and get you and your company noticed.

A press release will always benefit from empathy and timeliness. Always be sure that you are presenting your company/yourself honestly. TROOL-Y the only way to do business.

Tie-In to Current Events – Any time you can write a story that coincides with a recent news event, your chance of getting your story run increases dramatically.

  • Right now. a string of positive reports  lifting expectations that the U.S. economy may finally kick into a higher gear in 2014 according to the Denver Post.. early December 2013. This “Rising Economy” story plays well any day of  the week
  • As a response to a competitor’s new product or service you can put up your story and it may garner more press than the competitor. [You must have excellent service or products, for this story to play well]
  • Its winter, weather is a current threat, taxing our cities and politicians, with the labour, time and cost of dealing with the latest damages Mother Nature has inflicted. Anything a small business does to help out during weather emergencies etc. [Must be over and above what everyone else is doing/providing] can be newsworthy.

This type of press release is called piggybacking. It is an effective method for news stories both local and worldwide. It is equally effective for any level of competitor. In fact, when you can go up against the big guy, it is that age old David and Goliath theme that people simply LOVE.

Feel Good |Beat the Odds| Come out on Top Stories – you know the ones that tug at your heart strings!

  • Rags to Riches
  • Hometown Hero
  • Family reverses Fortune
  • Bad Boy/Girl Makes Good

The media loves these stories because their audience loves these stories. For many who made their start this way, you could write your own story about how you started with next to nothing and have risen to make a name for yourself. Your headline could read “Local ‘Down on her Luck’ Girl’ becomes Extraordinary Entrepreneur”or “Troubled youth left school now  CEO of thriving Company”.

Just tell your story of how you started with nothing and created a thriving local business. The media – and readers will LOVE it.

Charitable Works – Can be a marketing tool when you are involved authentically. It is a WIN-WIN for everyone concerned. There are specialty advertising options that come with charitable causes. funding things like promotional items such as  promo pens, T-Shirts or Mugs featuring your company name will keep your brand out there while the charity gets much needed funds.

The media is always on board to help charities and they can and do assist small businesses who are trying to make a difference in their communities too. If you are supporting a particular charitable event, or if you are donating a percentage of your revenues to a charity, THAT is newsworthy.

Your headline might read something like… “Local Small Business Donates Hats & Mitts to take the Chill out of the Schoolyard.” The press likes to help people out with their charity events. As a bonus many of the items and associated costs involved are tax deductible!

That’s Great; What if you don’t know How to Write a Press Release?

OK, now you have an approach  to get your press release noticed but you are unsure what/how to actually write your press release. Understandable. Not many of us are good copywriters.

Remember to speak from the heart. It’s a story, tell it with the emotion you actually feel. Empathy is a strong motivator. When the media outlet can ‘feel’  the truth of what you have said, you are getting press.

If you do not feel confident writing it yourself, be smart: seek the help of a professional.  The Professional Copywriters’ Network has lots of information on hiring a copywriter. Sites like eLance and WriterAccess offer a wealth of knowledge and talent for  reasonable prices.

For smaller businesses/individuals there are also many local resources in your community; Start here: Local colleges or universities: There will be students who will be thrilled to take on the challenge of writing a press release.

If you are serious about writing excellent content and want to be able to craft it yourself, I suggest CopyBlogger. the Copy Blogger site has a free membership that offers access to eBooks and articles and a wealth of information for anyone keen to learn. They do have a paid section that is worth investigating for those who wish to pursue it further.

Make the news in 2014 for you and /or your company, and let me know which tips you used to get noticed and /or what services you used to get excellent copy written for you.