Poetry in Motion The Amazing Pas De Deux

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The Amazing Pas De Deux
by The Guang Dong Acrobatic Troupe

I see ‘Poetry in Motion’ in this YouTube clip

I understand this took place in 2011. I re-share here today,
as I think it speaks to beauty and hope and talent and sheer will.

And… Sometimes we just need to see the beauty in the world ; to stop for a moment; to be filled with gratitude for all that we have:

However much or little that may be.

Published on 26 Oct 2013 on YouTube

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Performers: Wu Zhengdan & Wei Baohua

How many times have you seen or heard something so beautiful, or so haunting that you just wanted to stop and share it with everyone.

I believe if we all took those few moments to share these ‘gifts’ every day it would give us more hope.

What have you seen or heard or read about that makes you smile or gives you some joy or hope?

Let’s spread a little joy today.